1. Evaluation of existing training facilities in the region and formulation of training programmes for building up highly skilled scientific and technical manpower.
  2. Designing of programmes to strengthen the scientific, engineering and research and development institutions.
  3. Survey of problem areas faced by member countries in technology, and technology assessment for individual Member States and facilitating technology transfer.
  4. Promotion of goal oriented Research Projects, including joint research programmes; promotion of scientific projects of economic and/or commercial values contributing to the development plans or projects of the member countries.
  5. Exchange of Science and Technology information through designated Centres and Institutions working as a network.
  6. Strengthening of scientific cooperation through institutional linkages, exchange of Scientists and holding of collaborative seminars and conferences on major Science and Technology issues in Member States.
  7. Promotion of improved methods in the teaching of science.
  8. Publication of quarterly scientific bulletin which will contain the research papers and articles of the scholars of the member countries in the fields of natural and fundamental, social, human, medical and applied sciences and technology.
  9. Holding of science and technology fairs and exhibitions in collaboration with Member States.
  10. Grant of awards and prizes to eminent Scientists in the field of Science and Technology in ECO region.
  11. Identification of elite Science and Technology organizations as focal points in ECO Member States.
  12. Strengthening of the Scientific and Technological libraries in the Member States.

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