The World Teachers’ Day is being celebrated all over the world

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The day is celebrated every year on October 5 to pay tribute and highlight the importance of teachers in a society.

The day is aimed at mobilising support for teachers and to ensure that the educational and spiritual need of future generations would continue to be met by dedicated teachers.

Teacher is the most important person in the educational domain and deserves appreciation on this Teachers’ Day. Considered as spiritual father a teacher plays an important part in nourishing a child’s brain. Where parents are responsible for the upbringing of children, teachers play a vital role in helping them use their knowledge and imply them to become valuable citizens of the society.

ECOSF supports the teacher community of ECO region and also promotes Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) and the teachers are trained to deliver the quality education at schools in the region.

Teaching Science is not about preparing students for a world that is static and fixed, but it concerns getting students ready to cope with changes and challenges in their lives. Traditional direct instruction in Science generally focuses on mastery of content with less emphasis on the development of scientific skills and attitudes; students are the receivers while the teacher the dispenser.

Learning by doing is based on personal investigation that helps pupils to develop cognitive processes as well as the sense of curiosity and creativity. Inquiry based activities allow pupils acquire new communication skills, through discussions in the classroom and with the teacher. Instead of the usual memorization and concentration of scientific concepts and formulas, IBSE insists on the appropriation of knowledge through individual investigation and questioning attitude leading the pupils to learn by experimenting in partnership with the teacher. Hence, the use of the hands and the brain lends itself as an appropriate teaching and learning strategy for science.

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