Children thrill in “Science Fun Mela 2017” at Lok Virsa

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Two-day “Science Fun Mela” was organized by ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF), in collaboration with Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), Pakistan Science Club (PSC), Indus Cultural Forum (ICF) and Lok Virsa Museum of Pakistan at the Lok Virsa Museum, Islamabad on 18-19 February 2017. The event was a part of 2nd Pakistan Mother Languages Literature Festival (MLLF). The Festival aimed at promotion of mother languages spoken in Pakistan and to bring together under one roof, the multiple colours and diversity of literature in indigenous languages. The idea of organizing Science Fun Mela (festival) along the  MLLF was to inculcate among children the urge for learning science around us and in the universe; so as to promote Science Culture in the country.

The Science Fun Mela for children was opened by the President ECOSF Professor Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro. In his opening remarks, Dr. Soomro welcomed the children and accompanying teachers and parents in the Science Fun Mela and introduced the purpose and activities to be conducted during the two days. He mentioned that the science activities would be combination of demonstration and hands on activities which would thrill the children to interact scientifically.

Afterwards, Mr. Abdul Rauf, CEO of PSC took the floor and conducted participatory scientific activities for and with the children. He created curiosity among the children by inquiring about various science concepts during the performance of science activities. He in one of the activities, asked children how we can burst balloon without touching it. Many children tried using different techniques and finally, one child used the skin of orange to burst the balloon. Accordingly, Mr. Abdul Rauf described to children, the scientific reason behind it. Children were also engaged/assigned some hands-on activities; for example, a tall tower was assigned to be prepared with different material mainly the straws which can take a load of egg or something solid. Children enthusiastically participated along with their parents. Making a balloon propelled car was also an assignment of high interest for children. The balloon car was made with paper board, straw and a balloon. Children found it as simple but very interesting.

A planetarium show and scientific lab bus were also set up in the event- thanks to PSF. Children as well as teachers and parents experienced the demonstration of planets, stars, galaxy through imaginary projector and video in planetarium show. The scientific models placed in the bus were also liked by the children and students.

There were so many other small but very interesting activities demonstrated and participated by large number children/students, teachers and parents during two days event. At the end, the management of ICF highly appreciated the scientific activities arranged by ECOSF, PSC and PSF.

Earlier on, an opening ceremony of 2nd Mother Languages of Pakistan Literature Festival was held, during which, the importance of mother languages was highlighted. The festival was opened by H.E. Syed Sardar Ali Shah, Cultural Minister of Sindh province of Pakistan. Over 170 delegates comprising of writers, intellectuals, critics, poets and artists from across Pakistan who write in over 15 languages participated in the festival and discussed the diversity of languages in Pakistan from a historical perspective and the challenges they are facing. The festival was aimed at to promote Pakistan’s linguistic and cultural diversity as an instrument of social harmony, peace and tolerance; and, encouraging reading culture in mother languages. The festival underlined the importance of culture and languages in countering the on-going terrorism in the country.

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