The 1st International Exhibition & Festival on New Urban Technologies (ICS 2017) in Isfahan, Iran August 4-6, 2017

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“The 1st International Exhibition & Festival on New Urban Technologies (ICS 2017)" was held in Isfahan, Iran on August 4-7, 2017. This international exhibition was organized by New Technology Center of Isfahan Municipality. The Exhibition and Festival was well attended by city managers of developed cities from all over the world and representatives of hundreds of knowledge-based companies from Iran and abroad. It provided an opportunity to experts, intellectuals in universities, industries, and technology development centers, policy makers and urban planners to identify and utilize new urban technologies to develop solutions focusing on their application in infrastructures and priorities of urban development of Isfahan. The core objectives of the exhibition were to exhibit the most advanced technologies available for resolving the issues related to the urban management, and improving the quality of urban life. Chief Guest of the festival was Governor General of Isfahan city Dr. Rasoul Zargarpour. Mayor of Isfahan city Dr. Mehdi Jamalinejad was also present at the event. In his opening speech, H.E the Governor General of Isfahan city Dr. Rasoul Zargarpour underscored that the Knowledge-based development of cities is a new form of development in the knowledge era with the aim of bringing about economic prosperity and environmental sustainment associated with a socio-spatial order within the cities. He especially acknowledged the support extended by ECO Science Foundation and its President in organization of this international exhibition. Earlier Prof. Manzoor Hussain Soomro shared his thoughts on direct correlation between the school education and Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) approach, which has an enormous potential to bring innovation and boost technology development with a goal to develop new urban technologies and achieve sustainable economic growth. He also stressed upon the key role and importance of entrepreneurship in this process of developing the new technology and innovative urban systems. Deputy of the Vice President of Iran for Science and Technology and the head of Iranian Crisis Management Department also shared their thoughts in the opening session. 

On the second day of exhibition Prof. Soomro made a power point presentation entitled, “Catalyzing SETIENSHIP for Development of Innovative and New Urban Technologies for Sustainable Development”. Prof. Dr. Soomro highlighted the importance of Science, Engineering, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SETIENSHIP), as these are the basic building blocks and key ingredients to develop new urban technology. Adequate investment in SETIENSHIP can help achieve countries to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Prof. Soomro underscored that the SETIENSHIP is an integrated and holistic approach where innovation in science and engineering leads to new technologies and products, while entrepreneurship creates the business and economic opportunities. Prof. Soomro said that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls on all countries to make progress in the welfare of their citizens in a sustainable manner to ensure the long-term viability of all development and growth. SETIENSHIP is extremely relevant to the ECO region, as it is key driver of inclusive growth, creation of new economic opportunities, jobs and wealth in a manner that is environmentally sound and socially inclusive, he added. Thus SETIENSHIP is considered as critical to achieve sustainable development, as it serves serves as a crucial driver of rising prosperity and the national competitiveness. He also emphasized the role of Inquiry Based Science Education in promotion of SETIENSHIP.

It is pertinent to mention that ECOSF also participated in the exhibition. The Foundation also sponsored participation from of two Universities from Pakistan in the Exhibition and Festival i.e. National Nematology Research Centre (NNRC), University of Karachi and University of Management & Technology (UMT), Lahore.

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