3rd International Rehabilitation Sciences Congress and 5th National Rehabilitation Conference, organized by ISRA Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences on 25th Feb, 2017

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President ECO Science Foundation participated as Chief Guest

3rd International Rehabilitation Sciences Congress and 5th National Rehabilitation Conference was organized by ISRA Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, ISRA university at Islamabad on Feb 25, 2017. Theme of congress was “Empowering professionals through advancements in Rehabilitation Sciences”. These conferences have been proving a platform since 2012 for facilitating discussion among Rehabilitation Professionals and Educators by incorporating views and experiences to enhance research. The event focused on the educational requirements of the rehabilitation professional as well as interventional aspect for the people with physical and mental challenges and general public life styles.

President ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro participated in the congress as chief guest. In his remarks, Prof. Soomro congratulated ISRA for regularly holding this event since last few years. While stressing on the concept of inquiry he said that we must encourage and promote asking questions by the younger generation. In our culture it is ridiculed, which in turn hinders the process of thinking and inquiry based lifelong learning. “Inquiry is a key to learning and it must be promoted”, he said. Dr. Soomro also emphasized over the contribution of women in the society. He said that in the global scenario over 50% of the population is of females. “Women must play their role in the society, if not then 50% of the talent would be wasted”, he added.

Prof. Soomro encouraged the rehabilitation institutions in Pakistan and assured them the full support of ECOSF in linking with other ECO member states rehabilitation centers, particularly those in Turkey. “People with disabilities are an integral part of our society, their rehabilitation through use of latest technology should be our top priority”, he said.  While emphasizing on the need of professional trainings he noted that the professional education needs to equip the rehabilitation professionals with the appropriate knowledge and skills to work in a variety of settings as well as promoting the values.

Pro Vice chancellor of ISRA University at the end of session presented souvenirs to esteemed guests of Pakistan and also the International participants from Australia, Canada, UAE and South Korea.

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