ECOSF Conceives a Plan to Recognize Centres of Excellence in various Fields of Specialization in the ECO Member States, starting with Medical and Health Sciences

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ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) plans to initiate a programme of recognizing Centres of Excellence in different disciplines in the ECO Member Countries, which are engaged in cutting edge scientific and technological research and capacity building. ECOSF has initiated the process of conducting an initial review and assessment of various institutions in ECO member states to ascertain the potential benefit of designating such institutions as Centres of Excellence.

In this connection, Engr. Khalil Raza Scientific Officer ECOSF visited Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Jilani Institute of Medical Sciences (PAQSJIMS) Gambat in Sindh province of Pakistan on January 13-14, 2018 and met Director of the Institute Dr. Rahim Bux Bhatti for the process of assessment and review of PAQSJIMS for possibly designating it as one of the ECOSF Centers of Excellence in Medical Sciences.

The objective of designating such centers is to establish effective collaboration and research linkages among the research and higher education institutes and organizations of the ECO member states for boosting scientific and technological exchange and research. This programme would serve as a platform for complimenting unique scientific and technological strengths of each designated center and link them with similar research and capacity building institutes of other ECO member states with an end goal of uplifting socio-economic standing and achieving inclusive growth in the region. ECOSF plans to present this concept in the forthcoming meeting of ECOSF Board of Trustees and other forums for consideration and approval.

Visit of the PAQSJIMS revealed that it is a state of the art, fully equipped medical facility with the status of degree awarding institution, mainly serving rural population. It is built on the international standards and houses the latest available technological facilities and equipment, along with fully equipped classrooms and research laboratories. It is the only hospital that provides exceptional health care services like Open Heart Surgery, Angiography, Angioplasty, Kidney and Liver Transplant in rural Pakistan. The Hospital is well developed modern facility with innovative and advanced laboratories, OTs, CCUs, dialysis Centre, neonatal care Centre, trauma center, burns unit and other patient care services.

PAQSJIMS started functioning as Rural Health Center around three decades ago and now it has been upgraded to a tertiary care Medical Education and Research Center providing undergraduate and post graduate programs of medical and public health sciences. PAQSJIMS is ideally located in the center of the Sindh province that touches diverse geographical terrains; such as the mountainous, riverine, arid, desert, and agriculture planes simultaneously; thus receiving comprehensible blend of communities and disease pattern existing in the province. Enriched with most advanced academic, training, diagnostic and research facilities, the PAQSJIMS has some exclusive features which most of the Medical education and research institutes in Pakistan do not possess, thus the institute can offer its unique teaching and advanced research facilities for rest of the country and other ECO member states, if a mechanism is developed.

Some of the unique features of the PAQSJIMS are highlighted below:


With deep viable linkages, the institute serves very well the community dynamics, community health problems, with adequate knowledge bank of local resources, priorities, potentials, initiatives and working towards educating and mobilizing local communities for public health awareness. PAQSJIMS has been conducting social mapping, community organization and seeking community participation for a public- private venture. The Institute can be an ideal facility for sharing its resources and laboratories for collaborative research with other ECOSF member states and can provide opportunity for sharing of their best practices and experience of community based health services and public awareness in the region.



Anti Snake venom/ Anti Rabies Serology laboratory

Snake and dog bite are one of the two most stringent public health problems of the developing countries. Unfortunately, quality antidotes for both are drastically short especially in Africa and Asia leading to many avoidable deaths and disabilities. PAQSJIMS is establishing its Immunoglobulin and vaccine laboratory not only for production of life saving pharmaceuticals but simultaneously for education, training and research of these subjects. The Institute is well equipped to produce and provide WHO registered clinical trials of Horse snake anti venom immunoglobulin. Presently, Institute is working towards development of camel ASV with advance technique of Caprylic Acid Fractionation recommended by WHO in it’s guidelines 2010. Many ESCOF member countries might be interested to conduct research in this domain and can get benefited with such advance technology through collaborative efforts and linkages.

Small Animal House (For Animal Experimentation)

The research in medical sciences needs an intermediate source before going to human subject for all sorts of in-vivo experimentation.  The newer concept of Medical Universities in Pakistan cannot be justified until and unless the universities are equipped with scientific animal houses for initial experimentation and research on animals before going to human subjects. The advance techniques and practices together with high knowledge of the subject from animal farming to animal preparation at PAQSJIMS Gambat would not only help the local Universities in Pakistan but it will also provide ample opportunities for ESCOF member countries to share and exchange their experience for skill enrichment and capacity building.

Herpetology Center

While considering the importance of science of herpetology, the PAQSJIMS has started collecting initially various venomous and non venomous snakes of Pakistan. The center is providing facilities for research on Pakistan snakes and their venom. PAQSJIMS has established its facility for collecting venoms of Pakistan snakes for research within or outside Pakistan. The ESCOF countries or any researcher elsewhere can consult this center for any joint research or for academic purpose.

Nutrition Education, Training and Research Center

Malnutrition is one critical problem in Pakistan particularly in desert areas of Sindh and Punjab provinces. PAQSJIMS is quite conscious of urgent need of a nutrition education, training and research center. Nutritional Education, Training and Research Center has been established at PAQSJIMS for growing orchard local fruits, vegetable garden and protein park for various animals, birds and aqua protein sources. The center provides adequate micro nutrients and many other components for supporting conventional and action research about nutrition together for creation of required information, education, and communication material for community awareness and training. PAQSJIMS can share this experience and learn from other ESCOF member states in this particular area.

High Tech Molecular (Genetic) Laboratory

Institute is equipped with state of the art diagnostic, research gadgets and laboratory that can help researchers for molecular and genetic analyses. 

Microbiology and Biochemical Laboratories.

An array of modern equipment available within these laboratories, can facilitate any advance theme of research whether of microbiology or biochemistry

Advanced Curative and Surgical Services

PAQSJIMS is providing quality services of Angiography, Kidney Transplant, Kidney Dialysis, Open Heart Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Liver and Kidney Transplant.

Existing Facilities at PAQSJIMS

Open Heart Surgery
Renal Transplant
Dialysis Centre
Trauma & Burn Centre
Neonatal Care
Stroke Case Management Ward
Blood Bank Service
Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
Advanced Diagnostic & Research Lab

EPI & Vaccination Services
24 Hours Ambulance Service
Tuberculosis Centre
Eye Hospital
Computerized Pathological Lab
Blood Transfusion Centre
Cold Storage Facility
Thalassaemia Centre
ENT Unit
MCH Centre
Coronary Care Unit (CCU)
Lithotripsy Unit
Telemedicine Centre
And all other tertiary care services


Future Plans

  1. Stem Cell Technology Center.
  2. Advanced Proton Beam and Intra Operative Radiation Oncology Center

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