The Leadership of LAMAP and ECOSF Met for Continuation of the Cooperation

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In the evening of 20 June 2019, a meeting was held between President ECOSF Prof. Manzoor Soomro and the President LAMAP Foundation Prof. Daniel Roun assisted by Ms. Laurence Constantini, the head of LAMAP International Cooperation. Purpose of the meeting was to review the progress of last three years of cooperation between the two organizations and discuss future cooperation for signing new MoU. Other matters discussed included; organization of 3rd Follow up workshop on IBSE at Sukkur IBA in Pakistan, capacity building of teachers/coordinators of the schools managed by Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) and The Dawood Foundation in Pakistan, 3rd follow up workshop on IBSE in Iran and Launch of IBSE in Azerbaijan and Tajikistan LAMAP.

Both the organizations took stock of the past three years and discussed continuation of the cooperation. It was agreed by both parties to extend the cooperation further with addition of the Climate Change Education in the IBSE-LAMAP Programme in ECO Region starting of course with Pakistan, the base of ECO Science Foundation. It was mutually agreed that LAMAP office will revise the MoU accordingly and share with ECOSF for feedback and then will be signed as mutually convenient under the patronage of the Embassy of France in Pakistan.

Regarding review workshops and facilitation by the French Trainers, it was pointed out by the LAMAP team that travelling of LAMAP trainers depended on their availability, their willingness to travel to Pakistan and taking care of the expenditures by either the local organizers or ECOSF or any other sponsor such as French Embassies in those countries as the LAMAP itself does not have any financial provision.

It is worth mentioning that the IBSE programme was launched in ECO region in 2015 under the leadership of Prof. Soomro and subsequently programme was expanded in countries of the region which has successfully been running in Pakistan and Iran.

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