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Meeting of Global Council of the Inter Academy Partnership Science Education Programme (IAP SEP) held on Feb 08, 2017 at Khartoum- Sudan

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Meeting of Global Council of the Inter Academy Partnership Science Education Programme (IAP SEP) was held on Feb 08, 2017 at Khartoum Sudan. The meeting was chaired by Dato Ir Dr. Lee Yee Cheong Chair of the IAP SEP Global Council/Senior Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia with members of the Global Council. Dr. Lee welcomed all the participating members of Global Council from all continents.

Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro President ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) as a member of the IAP SEP Global Council, participated in the Council meeting. President ECOSF emphasized that science education remains key component of development of societies and economies to achieve a long term sustainable development goals. He also affirmed that the IAP Regional Networks are quite successful in implementing inquiry based science education (IBSE) , and proposed that it should be the aim of SEP to continue coordinating these activities. Prof. Soomro presented the progress report of ECOSF on IBSE from May 2016 to Jan 2017, and also discussed the upcoming IBSE workshops in ECO region. Dr. Soomro further acknowledged the technical, moral and financial support extended to ECOSF by LAMAP Foundation of France, IAP SEP, ISTIC, Pakistan Science Foundation, Ministry of S&T of Pakistan, University of Isfahan and the Ministries of Education and Science, Research & Technology of Iran.

Earlier on Feb 07, 2017 an International Inquiry Based Science Education Policy Forum was opened by Dr. Mohd Hassan President of Sudanese National Academy of Sciences who appreciated the support extended by IAP SEP. Prof Soomro also chaired the panel on "Fusion of Civilizations" and designing of Global IBSE curricula.

During the period (5-9 Feb 2017), a school workshop was also conducted for the training of school teachers on IBSE jointly by the Sudan NatCom for UNESCO, IAP/ISTIC, Sudanese National Academy of Sciences and Future University Khartoum.

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