ECOSF and CITC agree to Collaborate for Innovation and Technology Cooperation in the ECO Region

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President ECOSF visited Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation (CITC) on 5 March 2015 and had a meeting with Dr. Syed Ali Akramifar, Head of CITC and his team. The purpose of meeting was to discuss the possibilities of collaboration / cooperation among the ECO Countries in the area of Innovation & Technology Cooperation and commercialization of research leading to economic development.

Head of CITC, warmly welcomed President ECOSF Professor Dr. Mazoor Hussain Soomro and briefed him about CITC. CITC is under the Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran a center for policy making and implementation of programs in the area of technology cooperation / transfer. CITC is responsible for formulation of rules & regulations and a catalyst for technology transfer. Head of CITC stressed on the importance of technology for self dependence of ECO Region. He stressed that since Islamic Republic of Iran is moving from oil based economy to knowledge based economy, it requires innovation and technology transfers to and from Iran. Head of CITC also talked about "PARDIS" a technology park near capital city of Tehran and its programs like INOTEX & Mustafa Awards. Head of CITC requested ECOSF support for engaging technology cooperation stakeholders in the ECO Region for promoting CITC. [ ]

President ECOSF appreciated Iran's resolve to shift from oil based economy to knowledge based economy and assured of full support and cooperation to engage stakeholders in ECO Region. The President also suggested the Center to designate a Focal Point for future communication with ECOSF. To which, the CITC Head responded positively and declared Ms. Maryam Shaeri of International Affairs Division of CITC to liaise with ECOSF in future.

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