Delegation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and an official of Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) called upon Prof. Dr Manzoor Hussain Soomro President ECOSF on October 24, 2017

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A delegation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) comprising of Director General (CARs and ECO) Ms. Saqlain Syeda and Mr. Taimur Zulfiqar, Director (CARs and ECO)  and a Senior official of Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) Mr. Amjad Hussain, Joint Scientific Advisor called upon Prof. Dr Manzoor Hussain Soomro President ECOSF in his office on October 24, 2017 to discuss strengthening cooperation and patronage of Government of Pakistan to ECOSF. 

The meeting was called upon to discuss the Host Country Agreement and its associated modalities between the Government of Pakistan and ECOSF. Prof. Dr. Manzoor H. Soomro thanked the visiting Senior Officials for continuous support extended by the MoFA, MoST, Government of Pakistan to the ECOSF. Prof. Soomro apprised them of various developments and progress made by the ECOSF in promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation in the ECO region. 

In response, the DG MoFA Ms. Saqlain Syeda appreciated the efforts being made by ECOSF for promotion of S&T in the region especially the international linkages of the Foundation. Ms. Syeda shared various steps that needs to be taken to implement the Host Country Agreement in concurrence with rules and procedures as prescribed by the Government of Pakistan. Ms. Syeda assured of full cooperation by the MoFA and Government of Pakistan to the ECOSF to address various administrative and diplomatic issues for smooth functioning of the Foundation. Ms. Syed also suggested to look into co-organising a Ministerial Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation in the ECO region. In the end, Prof. Soomro appreciated and thanked the officials for their time and visit to ECO Science Foundation. 

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