Science Diplomacy, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security Considered as Components of Science Education

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April 16, 2019: A brainstorming meeting on “Science Diplomacy, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security as a component of Science Education” was held in ECO Science Foundation. President ECOSF  Prof. Manzoor H Soomro; CEO of Pakistan Alliance  for Maths and Science  Mr. Salman Naveed  Khan and  Dr .Fauzia Idress  Abro,  a Specialist in Artificial  Intelligence and Cyber Security joined the Meeting .

It is pertinent to mention that ECOSF runs a programme of capacity building for school teachers in the “Inquiry Based Science Education-IBSE” and plans to include Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security in IBSE curricula. ECOSF came into being as a result of Strong Science Diplomacy and the Foundation practices it in all its programmes in the ECO Region and beyond. The Foundation also promotes Science Diplomacy at graduate level as well as with academia and policy level.

The meeting agreed to continue cooperation in the areas discussed for good of the society in Pakistan and beyond in ECO Members Countries.

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