35th IASP Conference in Isfahan- Iran- B2B Meetings of President ECOSF with Leadership of Prominent S&T Parks during the World Conference on Science Parks and Places of Innovation, Sept 4-5, 2018

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During the 35th World Conference on Science Parks and Innovation by the International Association of Science Parks (IASP) held in Isfahan, Iran on 3-5 Sept 2018, the B2B meetings were organized for the purpose of networking and developing cooperation amongst the conference participants on September 4 and 5, 2018 in Isfahan, Iran. President ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro was especially invited to speak in the conference and participate in the B2B meetings, where he interacted with leadership and managers of leading Science & Technology Parks of Iran.

Prof. Soomro held B2B meetings with the leadership and teams of the following S&T Parks during the conference:

  • Ali Bisti, President Guilan Science & Technology Park
  • Habib Rostami, President Persian Gulf Science & Technology Park
  • Mahmoud Saberi Motlagh, Executive Director of Inter Islamic Network on Science & Technology,
  • Mahmoud Reza Shakarami, President Lorestan Science and Technology Park &
  • Dr. Khaled Saeidi, President Science and Technology Park of Kurdistan.

During these B2B meetings, Prof. Soomro discussed various means of cooperation mechanism to strengthen Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) Parks in the ECO region. Prof. Soomro opined that Iran has made significant progress in development of STI Parks in the region. Iran could share their best practices and experiences in the development and management of successful STI parks with other ECO member states. During these meetings, the representatives and leaders of the above-mentioned S&T parks appreciated the efforts and initiatives undertaken by the ECOSF to promote STI in the region. The representatives showed their willingness for working together and sought support of ECOSF for expansion of activities and programmes of their respective S&T parks in other ECO Member States. Prof. Soomro assured them of maximum possible support and cooperation of ECOSF to strengthen the STI Parks in the ECO region.

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