ECOSF Delegation's Industrial Tour at Great Wall Motors Headquarters

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L-R: Mr. Cao Mingxing NEVC, Mr. Liu Yuxin, General Manager of GWM, Mr. Khalil Raza from ECOSDF and Mr. Majid Azimi from Iran.

The ECOSF delegation had the privilege of an engaging industrial tour to the headquarters of Great Wall Motors (GWM) in China. This tour was arranged by the National New Energy Vehicle Tehnology Innovation Center (NEVC) as part of the training workshop on China’s New Energy Vehicles, as co-organized by the ECOSF. This tour provided a comprehensive insight into GWM's pioneering advancements in electric and hybrid electric vehicles, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the automotive industry.

Great Wall Motors is a renowned Chinese privately owned automobile manufacturer based in Baoding, Hebei. Established in 1984, the company has garnered international acclaim for its expertise in electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Named after the Great Wall of China, GWM is the largest producer of sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) and pick-up trucks in China. The company boasts a diverse portfolio of vehicle brands, including GWM, Haval, Wey, Tank, Poer, and Ora, with a significant focus on electric vehicle production under these brands. Notably, GWM entered a joint venture with BMW Group in 2019, forming Spotlight Automotive to produce electric Mini vehicles in China.

Mr. Khalil Raza, Programme Manager at ECOSF led the delegation's visit to GWM's headquarters. The participants were treated to a firsthand experience of GWM's state-of-the-art fully automated production line, showcasing multiple vehicle variants. Additionally, the delegation explored GWM's cutting-edge facilities, including the lithium-ion iron phosphate (LFP) battery and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle development center. They also toured various testing labs, such as acoustic, electromagnetic interference, and climate control labs, gaining valuable insights into GWM's rigorous quality standards.

Mr. Liu Yuxin, the General Manager of Great Wall Motors, personally guided the delegation through a display of the latest vehicle variants, highlighting their key features and innovative technologies. The impressive showcase underscored GWM's commitment to innovation and sustainability in the automotive sector.

The industrial tour at Great Wall Motors provided the ECOSF delegation with a deeper understanding of GWM's technological prowess and strategic collaborations. The experience strengthened ties between ECOSF and GWM, fostering potential opportunities for future collaborations and knowledge exchange. The generous dinner hosted by Mr. Yuxin further exemplified the hospitality and mutual respect between ECOSF and GWM.

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