ECOSF participated in a roundtable discussion on Cybersecurity during LIFT Pakistan Conference 2019

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Science Diplomacy Division of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) Pakistan and Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA) organized a panel discussion on Cyber-Security, during the LIFT Pakistan Conference 2019 held in Islamabad on November 7, 2019. The objective of holding this panel discussion was to raise awareness and generate a dialogue among the relevant stakeholders regarding the emerging threats and implications of cyberwarfare that could potentially disrupt the critical infrastructure of Pakistan. The discussion attracted a large number of participants from diverse backgrounds, including cyber security experts, regulatory professionals, members of academia, legal experts, government officials and representatives of media outlets. On behalf of ECOSF, Engr. Khalil Raza Scientific Officer participated in the panel discussion.

The conference discussed various facets of cyber security and the cyber threats, confronting the world today and assessed the efforts and preparedness measures being undertaken by the Government of Pakistan to combat the increasing level and frequency of cyber-attacks. Mr. Kamran Akhtar D.G. Science Diplomacy Division represented the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and highlighted the emerging challenges posed to Pakistan in the cyberspace, especially from the view point of international and diplomatic spheres. Mr. Kamran highlighted that lack of international legal framework serves a considerable barrier for Pakistan to tackle the cybersecurity related matters, particularly pursuing such cases at a level of international jurisprudence. “We need to strengthen our legal and regulatory framework to address these challenges both at the national and international level”, Mr. Kamran added.

Mr. Ammar Hussain Jafri the President of PISA and E-Pakistan, who is one of the renowned experts in the field of cyber security, participated as notable speaker in the session. Mr. Jafri emphasized that Information Technology systems are rapidly transforming and disrupting the nations. IT has penetrated into all spheres of business; therefore, it is imperative for the responsible stakeholders, particularly the governments to establish Cyber Security Council to make important decisions on the matter of national importance. One cannot respond to the cybersecurity threats without investing into technologies and adequate research into these areas can play a central role. Thus, government should invest considerable resources in developing the human capital and research programs to cater to the growing demands of cybersecurity industry, Mr. Jafri emphasized.

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