International Workshop titled “Going Global: The Symbiosis of Innovation-Led Economy” Guilan, Rasht, Iran October 14th–18th, 2017

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A 5-day workshop titled “Going Global: The Symbiosis of Innovation-Led Economy” is being organized by COMSTECH, IDB and INSTP in collaboration with ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) in Guilan Science and Technology Park from October 14th–18th, 2017 at Guilan, Rasht, Iran. As the main purpose of the program is developing the capacity of the staff of Science and Technology Parks, two candidates from each institution can be nominated to participate in our upcoming event. The workshop will be delivered by expert speakers from Putra Science and Technology Park, Malaysia.

The workshop will address the following objectives:

  • The Blueprint of a Successful Innovation Ecosystem
  • Setting up the Innovation Drivers and Enablers
  • Trend of commercialization of IP and technologies across Asian countries
  • The Role of Technology Transfer Professionals in Successful Commercialization
  • Using Intellectual Properties as Collaterals
  • Enhancing Income Generation and Self-Sustainability
  • Pitching for Funding and Value Creation
  • Market Validation and Technology Validation
  • Business Model Canvas for Innovation Startups
  • Tips to Expand Regionally and Internationally
  • Working with International Bodies in Commercialization of Innovation
  • Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship within the OIC network

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