IPBES Engagement Forum] IPBES – call for nominations (deadline 31 March 2015) and IPBES-3 report

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IPBES seeks nomination of expert authors into three deliverables of its work programme
1. Deliverable 2b – Regional and sub-regional assessments of biodiversity and ecosystem services (Decision IPBES/3/1 Annex III) including components addressing land degradation & restoration, invasive alien species, and sustainable use :
2. Deliverable 3bi – Thematic assessment of land degradation & restoration (Decision IPBES/3/1 Annex VIII); and
3. Deliverable 2c – Scoping of a global assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Interested stakeholders (nominees) are requested to fill out their application, with curricula vitae, no later than 31 March 2015 in order to allow nominators (governments or organisations) to submit approved applications by 5 April 2015 at the latest.

Some governments have established earlier deadlines, so if interested, please check with your national IPBES focal point as soon as possible. The list of national focal points is available at

All necessary information related to the nomination procedure can be found in the letter from IPBES Chair and in the online application form.

The IPBES Platform’s third meeting was held 12–17 January in Bonn, Germany

IPBES is now fully operational. The platform’s remaining rules and procedures were approved, including a conflict of interest policy, along with the stakeholder engagement strategy and communication strategy, and guidance on strategic partnerships.

IPBES-3 approved plans for a set of regional assessments in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, and Europe and Central Asia. These assessments are seen as contributing towards a planned global assessment to be completed by 2019. If you are interested in taking part in regional assessments, please refer to the call for experts detailed above.

IPBES-3 has also approved advancing the thematic assessments of invasive alien species, land degradation and restoration, and sustainable use by coupling these with the regional assessment process. Given this, it will be essential that nominations for regional assessments include experts for invasive alien species, land degradation and restoration, and sustainable use, along with regional specialists with other expertise. Thus, if you are interested in contributing to these thematic assessments, please also refer to the call for experts detailed above.

One other important outcome from IPBES-3 was the appointment of a new Multidisciplinary Expert Panel. You can find the list and resumes of the newly appointed MEP members on IPBES website.

Additional information

You are warmly encouraged to share your thoughts, experiences and opinions on the e-mail based IPBES Engagement Network, aimed at advancing the involvement of scientists, conservation organizations, businesses and other civil society actors in IPBES.

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