Proposal for Strengthening of the FDSK Interactive Science Gallery in Collaboration with ICCBS and ECOSF

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President ECO Science Foundation visited the FDSK Interactive Science Gallery, Aug 19, 2017

The Foundation for Diffusion of Scientific Knowledge (FDSK) Interactive Science Gallery under the patronage of International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) in the Maritime Museum Karachi is a show-case of the promise of informal science learning. The gallery aims to present Science and Technology in ways to entertain, educate and inspire the children and youth to appreciate and undertake scientific inquiry and research, as well as it motivates parents and entrepreneurs to invest in scientific and technological education and research, paving the way for a brighter and a more prosperous future. Current exhibits at the gallery are Water orchestra, Oil tanker, Submarine, Vortex, Anti-gravity mirror, Dam and river, Water weight, Archimedes screw, Alchemies buoyancy, Bernoulli blower, Critical angle, Lens table, Infinity mirror, Wind generator, Kiosk, Sever, Sport light, Planets, Gyro scope, Hand battery, Water rocket, Downhill race, Reaction time, Pulley, Gear, Flow formation.

ICCBS intends to strengthen the current exhibits with more biological exhibits such as: A DNA model to understand Molecular Biology of Life; Lungs experiment with or without smoking; A pumping heart model; Compound microscope with LED display to show microbial life in action; Gel Electrophoresis as Molecular Biology Science Activity. In this respect, ICCBS requested the support of ECOSF and a subsequent visit was paid by Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro President ECOSF to the Interactive Science Gallery. There he held a meeting with Director General of the Museum and also the managing team of ICCBS. The Foundation is considering ICCBS proposal and looks forward to extending support for strengthening of Interactive Science Gallery of different science subjects. The Foundation is also considering promotion of Houses of Mathematics in member states including Pakistan in collaboration with the Isfahan  Mathematics House in Isfahan, Iran.

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