President ECOSF visited to Centre Sciences (CCSTI), Orleans, France on June 17, 2019

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President ECOSF Prof. Manzoor Soomro visited the Centre Sciences on 17 June 2019, Received by Mr. Guy-Antoine DUFOURD Prof. Soomro was given a round of the Science Centre and explained its current as well as future activities. Dr. Soomro was also taken to an ongoing students’ workshop on Mathematics, whereby after theoretical discussions, they had to prepare some practical activities for teaching others. During the visit Mr. Dufourd informed that they are currently busy in preparing an exhibition entitled; “Mathematics of Planet Earth” which focuses on Mathematics for Sustainable Earth and highlights the importance of Centre of earth, weather, climate, water and soil etc. It was further informed that the interactive exhibition is mainly organized by the Centre of Doctoral Training (CTD); whereby Ph.D. scholars as a requirement of their Ph.D. have to develop public education (This would be interesting travelling expo to be procured during later years!).

After the round, the two sat together and discussed possibilities of cooperation between ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF), as well as through ECOSF with The Dawood Foundation (TDF) in Karachi Pakistan. TDF has developed an interactive exhibition of around 20 activities for non-formal education of children in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); it is called “MagnifiScience Children’s Studio”. TDF is also in process of establishing an interactive Science Centre-cum-Science Museum just on the pattern of Cite des sciences et l’industrie in Paris.

CCSTI Orleans agreed in principle to support to and collaborate with ECOSF, initially in Pakistan starting with TDF in Karachi by;

  1. lending a travelling exhibition entitled, “Artificial Intelligence: the computer mind”
  2. training the staff of TDF in Karachi Pakistan

It was mutually agreed that the above exhibition will be invited to be brought in Karachi Pakistan in early February 2020 for 1-2 month through the courtesy of Embassy of France in Pakistan. It was further agreed that on the occasion an international symposium will be organized on; “Role of Science Centres and Science Museums in Science Education & Literacy. In that symposium the expert(s) from Cite des sciences and other institutions of Universcience, Intitut de France as well as UNESCO can also be invited to participate and contribute. It is pertinent to mention that improving public literacy is very much part of the SDG-4.

It was also agreed that the staff of TDF and Sukkur IBA Science Bus will be trained in duration of the exhibition by the CCSTI staff in Karachi, where the exhibition will be set up for 10 days or so and then it would be handed over to Sukkur IBA for taking it around in interior Sindh with the help of TDF. It will also be discussed with Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) for taking it to other areas (if possible for PSF).

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