The “Belt and Road” Science Education Forum was held in Nanning, China during 3rd Teenager Maker Camp

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The “Belt and Road” Science Education Forum was held at the Guangxi Science and Technology Museum on 26 September 2019. The Forum was one of the events held during 3rd Teenager Maker Camp and Teacher Workshop. The experts/representatives from China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Malaysia, Romania and Tunisia made presentations at the forum, and more than 200 participants from various countries and local science and technology teachers in Nanning participated in the event.

The speakers introduced the new initiatives, policies and projects in promoting science education in their respective countries to strengthen the training of young people's science and technology innovation talents, scientific education activities and curriculum resources with various characteristics, and on the science education in various countries. In-depth exchanges and sharing of issues such as fairness, gender equality, improvement of teachers' ability and how to develop students' scientific understanding in future were the main points of deliberations.

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