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President ECO Science Foundation visits National Agrarian Scientific- Educational Center of Kazakhstan May 25, 2017

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During the holding of the 2nd Social Sciences Forum in Astana Kazakhstan, President ECO Science Foundation, Prof. Dr. Manzoor H. Soomro took an opportunity to visit the National Agrarian Scientific- Educational Center of Kazakhstan on May 25, 2017. The center is a non-profit joint-stock company that was established on August 22, 2015. The main activity of the organization is to promote innovative development of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Strategic objectives of the centre are:

  1. Development of mechanisms and implementation of coordination processes of agriculture science, education and business.
  2. Reorientation of agricultural sciences from academic to innovative effectiveness.
  3. Reforming management in scientific and educational institutions.

Academician Professor Kaliyev the head of National Agrarian Scientific- Educational Center of Kazakhstan and his team including Mr. Askar Nametov warmly welcomed Prof. Soomro and showed him around the centre. Both the heads discussed the possibilities of cooperation and collaboration on agriculture sciences, research and education in ECO Region.

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