ECOSF Award for SDG-6 (Water & Sanitation) given during the 3rd Invention to Innovation Summit held at UET Peshawar on 29-30 November 2017

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An ECOSF Award for UN Sustainable Development Goal–6 (SDG-6) was given during 3rd Invention to Innovation Summit held at UET Peshawar on 29-30 November 2017. The award was introduced to promote and achieve UN SDGs in ECO member countries. The summit has been organized annual all over Pakistan and ECOSF is among the supporters.

Assistant Director of ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF), Mr. Ghulam Abbas also attended the summit as an invited speaker in one of the session of the summit titles “Fund Winning Opportunities for Academia and Industry”. In his powerpoint presentation, Mr. Abbas gave a brief introduction of the establishment of ECOSF and its aims & objectives. He also informed that the funding is being initiated by the Foundation for the research projects with priority to the Energy, Water, Space, etc fields. He also mentioned that Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) programme has been launched in ECO region and a good number of teachers, educationists, etc have been trained through capacity building workshops organized in France, Kazakhstan and Pakistan and more workshops on IBSE are being organized/planned in other ECO countries. Main activities organized and future plans of ECOSF were also shared with the participants.

He also informed the participants about AppIdea Contest of the Foundation and said that the contest was designed for the youth of the region to develop creativity and motivation. The contest was based to address one or more UN SDGs through the app development.

As an intergovernmental organization, ECOSF has been facilitating the development of scientific culture and linkages among ECO countries. The scientific community/organizations of the region are being supported so that the strong science base in the region can be developed.

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