[IPBES Engagement Forum] Second call for nominations of experts out now - deadline: 8 June 2014

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Dear all,

we would like to draw your attention to the latest developments in IPBES: the second call for nomination of experts for the IPBES expert groups was released presently. Governments and other stakeholders are invited to submit nominations to the IPBES Secretariat for the following tasks:

  • Expert group to scope a set of regional and sub-regional assessments (deliverable 2b), including
    • Expert group for Africa
    • Expert group for Asia and Pacific
    • Expert group for Europe and Central Asia
    • Expert group for Antarctica (NB: Arctic regions will be integrated in relevenat regional scoping meetings)

--> There will be a joint meeting of nominated experts of all groups on 17-23 August 2014 expected to take place in Nairobi.

  • Expert group to scope a thematic assessment of land degradation and restoration (deliverable 3bi)

--> The scoping meeting is expected to be held in the week commencing 8 September 2014.

All application forms should be filled on-line with CV attached through the dedicated web portal Earlier nominations are encouraged and late nominations will not be able to be considered. Self-nominations cannot be accepted.

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